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The farmer grows. The trucker goes. Together, we feed the droves! Thank a trucker.Bill Wiese, VP


Weather is constantly changing on the road. Be sure to stay up-to date with the weather conditions you might be heading into. Use these helpful links to plan ahead so that you will always be prepared. Remember to drive safe.

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SunTrust’s mission is to help people and institutions prosper by providing financial services that meet the needs. SunTrust provides clients with a full selection of technology-based banking channels including online, state-of-the-art customer services centers, and the latest mobile devices.

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Health & Wellness

People deserve to feel fulfilled in their lives as a whole, not just from sickness. When a person’s wellness is heightened, so too is their ability to be productive in all phases of their life: home, work, relationships, etc. Of course, the overall sense of wellness also helps with illness and therefore decreases the need for the traditional healthcare system. In addition, this newfound health allows for a happier environment where you can be a productive member of the community where you can improve your life and the lives of others.

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